40 Best Hard to Kill Plants That Don’t Need Sunlight

There are a lot of ways to take care of your houseplants. You can water them, fertilize them, and give them light. How much light? That all depends on the plant. Some plants need direct sunlight, some need indirect sunlight, and some don’t need any sunlight at all. So how do you know which type of light your plant needs?

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Top 10 Best Houseplant Books in the US

When it comes to keeping plants in your home, there are a lot of things to consider. What type of plant is best for my environment? How often do I need to water it? What kind of light does it need?

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Best Books For Plant Lovers

The books shared in the list are written by famous authors, who have good knowledge about plants. The book has many interesting pages for all plant lovers.

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What house plants produce the most oxygen

There are a number of plants that can be used to improve oxygen levels.  Some of the most popular plants include bamboo, dracaena marginata, English ivy, pothos, philodendron, spider plant, and weeping figs. These plants are easy to care for and help remove toxins from the air. Try to include a variety of plants in your home to improve air quality.