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The Truth About Spider Plants And Its Toxicity To Cats

 If you have a cat and you are thinking about adding a spider plant to your home, be sure to do your research first and make sure the plant is safe for cats. If it is not, consider finding a different plant that is safe for cats. Your pet’s health is always worth taking the time to research.

Peace Lily

Peace Lily: The Vicious Plant That Can Kill Your Cat

If you are a cat owner or are thinking of becoming one, then you should know about the risk that peace lilies pose for cats. Peace lilies are beautiful plants that can be found easily at many nurseries and big box stores. They have long strappy leaves which provide a large surface area for other living things to grow on, and they produce delicate white flowers.

The Dracena Plant: 29 Interesting Facts for Cat and Dog Owners

Some people do not know that the Dracena plant is poisonous to their pets. Some other people think that it’s just another one of those myths that have been going around since the Internet has become popular, and they tend to leave this plant in areas where their pets can get access to them. For instance, they may keep a plant on the desk next to them, and then their cats or dogs may be tempted to jump up there and try and nibble on one of the leaves.