IDOO Hydroponic Garden vs AeroGarden Harvest and Harvest Elite: Which one is better?

Indoor garden kits from AeroGarden and IDOO allow you to grow and harvest fresh herbs without worrying about soil pH levels, sunlight, and other growth factors normally associated with traditional gardening. 

Although both brands use hydroponic technology (gardening with water instead of soil), certain features make one better than the other. 

idoo hydroponic garden vs aerogarden harvest vs aerogarden elite

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at IDOO hydroponic garden vs. AeroGarden, their available kits, and their features, and ultimately, let you know which is the better choice for your first-ever indoor herb garden kit. 

Product Comparison: Idoo 7-pod Hydroponic Garden vs Aerogarden  Harvest and Harvest Elite

Both IDOO and Aerogarden carry different models to accommodate the varying needs of indoor gardeners. In this comparison, we’ll focus on IDOO’s popular 7-pod kit and AeroGarden’s Harvest and Harvest Elite models. 

Here are the key differences between IDOO hydroponic garden vs AeroGarden. 


Winner: IDOO Hydroponic Garden 

The price is the most noticeable difference between IDOO hydroponic garden vs AeroGarden. IDOO’s hydroponic garden costs 50%-60% less than AeroGarden’s Harvest and Harvest Elite kits. So, if you don’t want to splurge on your first indoor hydroponic grow kit, IDOO is the best choice. 

IDOO’s kit doesn’t come with seeds — you’ll need to purchase from your local gardening store or order online. Depending on the type of seeds you’ll get, set an extra budget between $15 and $25. 

Both kits have plant food or liquid nutrients right out of the box, but you’ll eventually need to repurchase them once you run out. IDOO and AeroGarden sell bundles, as well as individual bottles. 

Seed Pod Capacity 

Winner: Tie  

Both IDOO and AeroGarden have dedicated slots for the seed pods to grow into. IDOO can accommodate up to seven pods, whereas the AeroGarden Harvest and Harvest Elite can only simultaneously grow six pods.

So, why IDOO isn’t the winner in this category? 

Although you can use all the slots at once, we don’t recommend doing so. 

Plants should have enough room, horizontally and vertically, to grow. This is not an issue during the germination stage. But once the seeds grow and mature, they’ll be fighting for that space. 

For the best yield and growth, you should only use two to three pods at a time and grow herbs with similar germination times. 

Ease of Setup 

Winner: AeroGarden Harvest and Harvest Elite 

With IDOO’s hydroponic garden, you will need to put the seeds (again, you’ll need to purchase your own) into the germination basket kit, add the solution to the water reservoir, put the baskets into the slots, and then plug the device. 

AeroGarden has a similar setup process, but since it comes with seed kits right out of the box, it is more convenient to get started. All you need to do is to assemble the kit (securing the grow deck to the base), add the solution, and insert the seed pods. 


Winner: AeroGarden Harvest Elite 

IDOO’s 7-Pod hydroponic garden is marketed as an entry-level kit, and as expected, you’ll be getting basic controls such as: 

  • Automatic three LED Growth Light Modes 
  • Adjustable grow arm (up to 16”) 
  • Two water pump circulation modes

AeroGarden’s Harvest model also has basic controls. 

At the front of the growing kit, you’ll find its control panel. The two buttons (Add Plant Food and Add Water) will only light up when you need to replenish water or the plant food solution. The last button is to turn on or off the grow light.    

Both the IDOO 7-Pod Kit and the AeroGarden Harvest have a low water reminder. The only leverage the Harvest has is its nutrient reminder. 

Unlike the Harvest and IDOO 7-Pod, Aerogarden Harvest Elite offers a more advanced way of keeping an eye on your plants. 

When setting it up, its control panel lets you select your garden, and then it will recommend the ideal length of light your seeds need to grow. For instance, if you are growing herbs indoors, the device will set the light to 17 hours. 

Its digital display also shows you how many days you’ve planted the seeds, as well as the plant food timer.

Another unique feature of the Harvest Elite is its Vacation Mode. This setting will lower the water consumption of the garden kit and ensure your plants stay hydrated and alive until you get back.  

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the Difference Between AeroGarden Harvest and Harvest Elite? 

The difference between AeroGarden Harvest and Harvest Elite is the construction and available features. The Harvest uses a matte plastic build, whereas the Harvest Elite is made from stainless steel. Harvest Elite also has a vacation mode setting, while Harvest only has the low water reminder. 

Can I Use AeroGarden Pods with IDOO Hydroponic Garden? 

Unfortunately, you can’t use AeroGarden pods with IDOO’s hydroponic Garden. This is because IDOO’s pod baskets are too shallow and wide for the AeroGarden pods. You’ll most likely need to use Rockwool or tape to cover the gaps. 

Keep in mind that AeroGarden pods are made specifically for the brand’s indoor garden kits like Harvest and Harvest Elite. 

What Can I Grow in IDOO?

You can grow any herbs and veggies in IDOO. However, since the brand’s 7-pod kit can only accommodate a maximum growth height of 16”, we suggest starting with lettuce and herbs like basil and parsley.  

IDOO vs AeroGarden: Which One is for You? 

There are many indoor hydroponic garden kits that promise a fool-proof beginner-friendly approach to growing herbs indoors. And both brands, AeroGarden and IDOO, do just that. 

IDOO Hydrophonic Garden is a wonderful choice for budget-conscious first-time indoor gardeners who are uncertain if hydroponic gardening is for them. But that doesn’t mean you’ll get a sub-par product. 

The brand’s 7-pod model is built with entry-level features that make indoor herb gardening a pleasant experience — if you don’t mind buying the seeds separately. 

On the other hand, AeroGarden’s Harvest and Harvest Elite are highly recommended for those who want a grow kit loaded with features and settings to make indoor gardening hassle-free. The caveat? You’ll be spending more (50%-60% more than IDOO), and you can only use AeroGarden’s pods. 

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