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The Tangled Bank
Oy, but the Tangled Bank schedule is in a mess. I’ve got the wrong dates up for some of the future events, and everyone is confused about when they’re doing what. It’s my fault. My apologies.

What’s happened is that I’m working on a major revision of the Tangled Bank page, with the idea of making it a little easier for me to update and to add some requested features, like an RSS feed and comments. I started patching it up, then stopped, and left it a mess. I promise I’ll have it all fixed up by tomorrow, though.

For now, here’s the real and actual and genuine planned schedule. Hosts, let me know if these dates are incompatible with your life, and we’ll juggle them around some more.

29 June 2005: Science & Sensibility (This week! Send in those links!)

6 July 2005: Technogypsy

27 July 2005: Cognitive Daily

10 August 2005: Evolgen

24 August 2005: Creek Running North

7 September 2005: B and B

That’s a little bit tentative, since I’m jerking around the hosts some and may need to make some adjustments.

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#29778: coturnix — 06/25 at 11:20 AM
Hmmm, I see the site is under construction, but it also already suggests the ways it will be much better tomorrow.

Also, as this is kinda my hobby, when you list other carnivals and decided which ones to include, you may want to consult this:



‘s avatar#29783: Chris Clarke — 06/25 at 11:57 AM
24 August works fine for me, but I’m amenable to being switched if someone else needs to throw an Intelligently Designed Monkey-wrench into the schedule.

Speaking of which, PZ, have you seen this? Excerpt:

The advance of creationism, in short, is among the surest signs that in the US truth is increasingly something that is decided upon by preference-based convention, rather than something that is imposed, like it or not, by reality. And what is preferred in this case is infantile submission to the authority of the men who control church, school, and state… [C]reationism, in its roots, is motivated by a hatred of nature, a desire to not be part of it, to have some special link to a transcendent order in virtue of which this earthly sojourn may be downplayed as a mere detour on the soul’s path. This hatred is responsible for no small amount of suffering.
If God didn’t want us to eat animals, why did he make them out of meat?

#29787: coturnix — 06/25 at 12:12 PM
Chris, that is an excellent article. I appreciate the rare CORRECT use of the word “consilience” in it, too (one of my pet peeves I inherited from one of my teachers).

#29833: P.M.Bryant — 06/25 at 08:53 PM
Sept 7 works for me (B and B). Thanks for putting me on the schedule.

#29844: coturnix — 06/25 at 11:06 PM
I see you are missing the link there for the Anniversary Edition. I’ll spare you the effort of searching – here’s the URL:


#29952: Mike — 06/27 at 07:14 AM
Shouldn’t the July 6 date at Technogypsy be switched to July 13 to preserve our two week intervals?

And why is everyone giving up coffee?!?

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