Everything you need to know about Aerogarden’s High Growth Mode (and 2 tips for your plants to grow faster!)

Aerogarden is a self-watering system designed to make indoor gardening as easy and stress-free as possible. As a result, it’s not uncommon for new users to find their Aerogarden plants growing slowly at first or struggling to keep up with the system’s demand for water. Fortunately, some simple ways to help your plants grow faster and more abundantly with minimal effort. We recommend activating Aerogarden’s High Growth mode, an accelerated growth setting that increases the watering frequency and optimizes lighting conditions. 

This article will explain what is Aerogarden High Growth mode, how activating High Growth mode can improve performance, and what steps can you take to get your plants growing faster and more robust.

What is the Aerogarden High Growth Mode

When growing plants indoors, it’s important to consider that the plants will receive light and nutrients from the grower, not the sun. It means that indoor plants generally need to be given a little extra help to boost growth; this is where Aerogarden’s High Growth mode comes in. We’ll get into the details of each of the settings below. Still, in general, the High Growth mode is designed to optimize your Aerogarden’s environment to encourage vigorous plant growth. In conjunction with the other settings on your Aerogarden’s nutrient tray, you can expect your plants to grow stronger, faster, and more abundantly.

The High Growth mode is an accelerated growth setting combined with the self-watering capabilities of Aerogarden’s hydroponic growing systems. It increases watering frequency to support plants’ growth rate and optimizes lighting conditions for faster photosynthesis and plant development. 

High Growth mode is designed for use with plants around two months old or between 2-6 inches tall. It would be best if you did not use it with seedlings or very young plants. If used correctly, the High Growth mode can help plants grow 2-3 times faster than they usually would. While the exact amount of time varies widely depending on the specific plants, you’re growing. In the environment they’re growing in, you should expect growth rates comparable to or even faster than you’d expect with traditional soil or soilless growing medium.

How to Activate High Growth Mode

You should be able to activate Aerogarden’s High Growth mode with a few simple steps. Check your user manual or the manual for your specific model to be sure, but in general, here’s what you need to do: 

- Make sure the water level is full, the nutrient tray is complete, and the lights are on 

- It’s essential to ensure your Aerogarden has been set up correctly before activating High Growth mode. Doing so before these conditions are met will not work, so be sure to double-check your setup before moving forward. 

- Once your system is properly set up and you’re sure you’re ready to go, choose High Growth from the mode selection menu. Your system will automatically switch to the High Growth mode and begin growing your plants as intended.

What Can you Expect with Aerogarden High Grow Mode

As mentioned above, activating the High Growth mode can have a significant positive impact on your indoor garden. 

- Overall Health: You should see your plants growing more robust and healthier in just a few days. Plants in this mode will grow faster and with more vigor than they would otherwise, which is crucial for proper plant health. 

- Stronger Roots: Your plants’ root systems are also expected to grow stronger and more robust. A healthy root system is crucial for a solid and fruitful indoor garden, which significantly improves. 

- Higher Yields: The above benefits will result in higher yields. Plants grown with the High Growth mode can yield up to 50% higher than those grown with the Standard mode.

How Much Faster Will Your Plants Grow With Aerogarden High Growth Mode

As we already covered above, you can expect your plants to grow stronger, healthier, and faster. It translates to faster growth, which is excellent, but how fast does your garden grow when using High Growth Mode? It depends on a few factors, including the type of plants you’ve chosen and the environment you’ve set up inside your Aerogarden. 

However, most users who activate High Growth mode generally see their plants growing faster by anywhere from a few days to a week. It is a significant change worth the extra effort and attention. Overall, you can expect to see faster growth and higher yields with Aerogarden’s High Growth mode. In many cases, the difference between plants grown with and without High Growth mode is equivalent to several weeks’ worth of growth and development.

Tips to Get Your Plants to Grow Faster

In addition to activating High Growth mode, you can do a few other things to get your plants growing faster and more robust. 

First, make sure your plants are receiving plenty of light. The system’s grow lights are designed to simulate natural sunlight, but the intensity of different light bulbs will vary. If you notice your plants struggle to thrive under the default settings, you may try adjusting the light intensity. 

Second, make sure your plants have enough space to grow. Aerogarden’s self-watering system is designed to grow large plants that are easy to maintain. Still, smaller plants have a more challenging time growing properly. If your plants struggle to keep up with the system’s demand for water, you may want to consider transplanting them to larger pods.


As you can see, Aerogarden’s High Growth mode is a great way to boost the performance of your indoor garden. It optimizes conditions for stronger and faster growth and can help you get the most out of your indoor garden. To get the most out of your Aerogarden, activate High Growth mode and take advantage of these benefits. Your plants will grow stronger, faster, and more abundantly, and you’ll be able to reap the rewards all year round.