Can I Unplug My Aerogarden to Move It? Find out here!

Aerogarden is the new, fuss-free indoor hydroponic gardening system that lets you grow fresh herbs or salad greens on your kitchen counter. It’s a self-watering plant tower with built-in LED lights and automated sensors that monitor light, moisture, humidity, and temperature. It takes just 5 minutes to set up an Aerogarden. If you want to move your Aerogarden from one spot in your home to another, you can unplug it. However, we don’t recommend moving it frequently as frequent movements can stress the plants.

What happens if I unplug my Aerogarden

The plants will wilt if you unplug your Aerogarden and leave it unplugged for a long time. The roots will also dry up and die. If you unplug your Aerogarden for a short time, the plants will recover and start growing again. However, if you unplug your Aerogarden for a long, the roots will start decaying. The decaying roots will break down the nutrients in the water and change the PH level of the water. It can affect the growth of your plants.

Another thing to note is that the built-in sensors in the Aerogarden will stop working if you unplug the Aerogarden. Therefore, you will have to use a manual timer to regulate the light, water, and temperature. It can be challenging to do as you must check the light and water levels daily.

How to unplug an Aerogarden

The first thing to do is to turn off the water supply to the Aerogarden. You can do this by unplugging the Aerogarden or turning off the valve. 

Next, unplug the Aerogarden from the power socket. You can now move the Aerogarden to the new location. 

When you have placed the Aerogarden in the new location, plug it back into the power socket and turn on the water supply again.

Why can’t I unplug my Aerogarden?

The most common reason you can’t unplug your Aerogarden is that the system has a built-in plug. You can’t unplug it because the plug is part of the system. All the Aerogardens have built-in plugs that are not detachable. It means you can’t unplug the system. We recommend that you don’t try to unplug or move it frequently, as this can stress out your plants. 

Another reason you can’t unplug your Aerogarden is because the system doesn’t have a built-in plug. While most Aerogardens have a built-in plug, a few models have a removable plug. These models come with a power cord that can be removed and replaced with a new one. So, if your Aerogarden has a removable power cord, you can unplug it when you need to move it.

How long can I leave an Aerogarden unplugged?

You can unplug your Aerogarden for a few hours at a time. We don’t recommend unplugging it for more than a day as it can cause the roots to dry out. It can make it difficult for the plants to recover. If you live in a place with frequent power outages, we don’t recommend relying on your Aerogarden to grow fresh herbs. Instead, you can use Aerogrow’s Gro-Advanced LED Growing System. It has a lithium battery and a built-in charger to store energy during regular operation, ensuring you have a constant supply of energy even during power outages.

Where can I move my Aerogarden?

You can move your Aerogarden indoors or outdoors depending on the time of year. Aerogarden’s built-in sensors detect the light intensity and adjust the light pattern automatically. Similarly, it also detects the temperature in the room and changes the watering schedule accordingly. The Aerogarden can be moved any time of the year indoors.

However, the plants will grow faster and more prominent if you move them indoors during winter. Similarly, you can move the Aerogarden outdoors during the summer season. Make sure you protect it from pests and insects by covering it with a mosquito net when you move it outdoors.

Tips for moving your Aerogarden

First, unplug the Aerogarden and turn off the water supply. 

Next, remove the plants from the Aerogarden by loosening the roots from the growing medium. Place the plants in a bucket of water to keep them hydrated during the journey. Be careful not to damage the roots, and don’t let the water come in contact with the growing medium. 

Next, wrap the Aerogarden in a soft cloth or a towel to protect it from getting damaged during the trip. You can also place it in a cardboard box for additional protection. 

Now, transport the Aerogarden to the new location. Place it in the same spot where you kept it previously. 

Follow the steps above in How to unplug an Aerogarden to plug it back in.

What Happens When I Plug in my Aerogarden After Moving?

When you plug in your Aerogarden after moving it, the control panel will read its new location. The panel will reset itself to the new location, and the automated sensors will kick in again. When the Aerogarden is plugged in after being moved, the plants will start growing again from where they stopped growing. 

The previous design requires a manual reset. Nutrients and water are the two critical settings on the device. When the device loses power, it can no longer perform its primary functions. Water and nutrients are essential to plant growth. If they are deprived of water and nutrients, the plants will die. You must manually deliver nutrients and water to keep the plants alive until the power is restored. 

However, the plants will start growing slower than before because the new environment will cause them to adapt to the new climate.


If you want to move your Aerogarden, you can unplug it. When you unplug your Aerogarden, the control panel will reset to default settings. You can also gradually ease the plants into their new surroundings before you move your Aerogarden to reduce any stress caused by the move. If you want to move your Aerogarden, ensure the plants thrive. You can check their growth pattern, leaves, and color. If they look healthy and grow fine, you can unplug your Aerogarden without worrying.