10 Common Mistakes When Growing A Dracena Plant

A Dracena Plant is one of the most preferred houseplants that are available in the market. These plants have attractive leaves and prefer warm temperatures.

Though spider plant or dracaena plant is easy to care for, there are some common mistakes that people do while growing these plants. Following are a few mistakes

Mistake 1# Over watering:

       Many of us water our dracaena’s every day but it’s not a good idea because they are susceptible to root rot if watered too often or too much. The biggest mistake with overwatering is killing the roots gradually so it becomes difficult to revive it back later on once you realize your mistake.

If you notice any symptoms like willing, brown new leaves, it is a clear sign that the plant is overwatered. In this case, you should stop watering it for some time and let the soil dry out.

Mistake 2# Not enough water:

      This mistake is opposite to the first one. Some people think that if they do not water their plants often, they will survive.

But this is not true for dracaena plants because these plants need a moderate amount of water to thrive. If leaves start wilting, it means the plant needs more water and you should water it immediately.

Mistake 3# Improper drainage:

      One of the common reasons for root rot is improper drainage. The pot you are using should have drainage holes at the bottom so that excess water can drain out. If you are thinking of putting plants in other plants, make sure to cut out the center portion of another container so it does not interfere with proper drainage.

Mistake 4# Use pot that is too small:

      The pot that you use should be at least 2 inches shallower than its root system for proper growth. So select a pot that is sufficiently larger

Mistake 5# Wrong pH level:

      Make sure the pH level of the soil mixture is appropriate i.e 6-7 otherwise plant may get damaged due to improper acidity balance which can lead to nutrient deficiency and also cause young leaves to wilt.

     Don’t forget to keep your dracaena plant away from windows through winter to avoid cold drafts.

Mistake 6# Putting in direct sunlight:

      Dracena plants need bright light but not direct sunlight. So make sure to place it near a window where it can get light but not harsh sun rays.

Mistake 7# Not enough humidity:

      These plants love humidity and if the environment you are living in does not have a high level of humidity, then you should consider using a humidifier. Mist your plant daily with warm water to increase the humidity level.

Mistake 8# Wrong Fertilizer:

      Don’t use any type of fertilizer which is for outdoor plants because it can be harmful to your dracaena indoor plants. Indoor plants need slow-release balanced fertilizer that is specially formulated for indoor plants.

     Make sure to keep your dracaena plant in warm temperature away from windows during winter to avoid cold drafts.

Mistake 9# Using the wrong kind of soil:

      When you are using any potting soil, make sure that the soil is free from salt and because these ingredients can drain out nutrients from roots thus resulting in nutrient deficiency. Always use a good quality potting mix that is rich in peat moss and perlite as it retains more moisture.

Mistake 10# Buying a sick plant:

       A lot of times people do not check their plants before buying them so chances are more than they might get home a sick plant that will die after some time if proper care is not given. Make sure to check the leaves and stems of the plant before buying it from the store. If you see any signs of bugs, disease, or wilting, do not buy it.

So these are ten common mistakes that people make while growing a dracaena plant. By following these simple tips, you can avoid these mistakes and help your plants thrive.

Important tools for propagation:

- sharp knife for cutting stems or leaves for rooting

- rooting hormone powder (optional)

- water spray bottle

- pot with drainage holes

- good quality potting mix rich in peat moss and perlite

- transparent plastic container for humidity control (optional)

- humidifier (optional)

- balanced slow-release fertilizer formulated for indoor plants.

Propagate Dracaena houseplant

 When you are propagating a dracaena houseplant, you will need: a sharp knife, rooting hormone powder (optional), water spray bottle, pot with drainage holes, good quality potting mix rich in peat moss and perlite, transparent plastic container for humidity control (optional), humidifier (optional), and balanced slow-release fertilizer formulated for indoor plants.

1) Cut a stem or leaf from the parent plant with a sharp knife. The stem or leaf should be at least 4 inches long. Make sure to cut it as close to the base of the plant as possible.

2) If you are using rooting hormone powder, dip the cut end of the stem or leaf into the powder and shake off any excess.

3) Place the stem or leaf in a potting mix that is moist but not wet.

4) Mist the stem or leaf with water daily to keep it moist.

5) Put the pot in a sunny location.

6) Keep the soil moist but not wet.

7) When new roots have formed, transplant the rooted stem or leaf into its own pot.

8) Water regularly and fertilize with a balanced slow-release fertilizer formulated for indoor plants.